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US Mineral Rights and Leasing Course - IPAA

US Mineral Rights and Leasing Course - IPAA

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The Independent Petroleum Association of America has partnered with Energy Training Resources, LLC to offer a series of eLearning courses on subjects critical to the industry.

Land is the raw material for the oil and gas industry and mineral rights and leasing issues directly or indirectly affect every role. The topic has become even more important as the industry, landowners and regulators continue to adjust to the widespread use of horizontal drilling.

You don’t need to know anything in advance, but when you finish this course, you will have comprehensive knowledge of US minerals ownership and the leasing process that oil and gas companies use to acquire minerals rights. You will also be informed on current topics such as evolving horizontal well regulations, forced pooling, post-production costs, surface use agreements, and the contentious relationship between the industry and the federal government.

The course is broken down into convenient-sized modules and the entire course is approximately 10 hours long, depending on your pace. The course is fully narrated, easy to navigate, and uses rich visuals to explain complicated topics in an easy-to-understand way. Learners can optionally drill down on some topics to learn more and can test their knowledge at the end of each section with our interactive quizzes. There is an optional final exam for anyone needing a completion certificate (a 70% passing score is required).

You’ll be glad that you took this course. The mosaic of federal, state and private ownership of property rights in the US is a fascinating subject on its own!

Continuing Education Units: 10 AAPL RL, CPL, RPL

    Important Notes:

    • Once you have purchased an eLearning course license, you have access to the course information for one calendar year. This allows you to work at your own pace and revisit topics as needed. Limit one license per order. For multiple licenses, contact us.
    • AAPL members must take, and pass, the final quiz in order to receive credit for the course. Once you pass the final quiz, you will be emailed the affidavit to claim your credits. You can take the quiz more than once.